Debate as a new approach to learning

Bringing together debate and schools to promote take-up of innovative practices in education and new ways of learning

Funded with support from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Project 2020-1-IT02-KA201-079886.

Fostering and integrating Debate in learning through: 

  • One Students' Toolkit for Civic Learning through Debate, available both in pdf and interactive version

  • Four Students' learning mobility to practice debate, test and evaluate the materials  

  • OneTeachers' meeting to offer a path for long term sustainable debate training

map of activities


Società Nazionale Debate Italia

The point of reference for individuals, organizations, schools, universities active in the development and promotion of Debate as a teaching practice and contribution to the growth of citizenship awareness. It is a project that gives meaning to the words and voice to people to re-establish an open, critical, proactive, dialogic society.

Fundación Educativa Activa-t

A NGO focused on promoting dialogue as a teaching tool to promote students´learning and to give them voice through education.

Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga

A national debate organisation in Slovenia, responsible for development and implementation of debate methodology in different educational environments on the national and international level. ZiP manages debate clubs on middle schools, high schools, and university level, organises debate competition each month and is implementing several public events such round tables and public forums.

Moletai gymnasium

An institution providing a qualitative secondary education in a communal environment, seeking progress to every member of the community. Gymnasium is open to change, seeks to guarantee quality of learning and its value addition in an innovative way. We use innovative methods in the teaching/learning process, improving integration of school subjects in order to achieve individual progress of students, continuously improving teachers‘ qualification The school has experience in participating in „Erasmus+“ projects focused on career guidance, IT, building entrepreneurial skills, CLIL and STEM.

Miralmonte School

A teaching cooperative located in Cartagena, Spain. The pursuit of academic excellence is our main aim.

ITE "Enrico Tosi"

A public High School for Economics, hosting 1,900 students and 170 teachers, located some 40 Km. north of Milan in a highly industrialized area in the north of Italy. Its focus has always been the internationalization of the curriculum, with the additional attention to debating which has led the school to be the coordinator of "We Debate - Italy" network, including more than 180 schools promoting debate and competing in regional, national and international contests. The school is also very active as a recognized training institution with several courses for students, internal and external teachers.

The English School

A bilingual school, with English and Finnish as the languages of instruction, was founded in 1945. Founded upon Christian principle, the school's guiding value is the concept of human dignity.

Rada Robiča Primary School in Limbuš

Situated in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. It is a basic school – primary and lower secondary education, with 402 students aged 6-15, and 44 paid members of professional stuff.

Today is a new day, Institute for other studies

An NGO based in Slovenia that uses digital technology and the internet to create dialogue on public issues, facilitate participation, and push for transparency. Our mission is to promote open data and participatory decision-making processes on the internet by developing and implementing open source web-based tools and platforms for this purpose.



Spain: Students' view on the last mobility

Spanish students reminiscent on the last mobility in Italy.

Spain: Teachers' experience

Spanish delegation on last mobility in Italy.

Hosting the last mobility was a pleasure!

View from our Italian team.

Lithuania: The students’ comments

The view of Lithuanian students on last mobility in Italy

Lithuania: The teachers’ comments

Lithuanian delegation on the last mobility in Italy at ITE TOSI Busto Arsizio

Finnish students

Read through our students' experiences on the mobility!

Finland steps into Milan

Finnish experience of our last mobility

Two Guides to Introduce Debate across the Curriculum: a project to facilitate the work of teachers

On the teachers' guides that we are developing.

Teaching Teachers to Use Debate in the Classroom: debate can be used when adapted to the needs of the lesson and the time given for the lesson.

Teacher Training Mobility in Helsinki

Moletai Gymnasium students’ interviews

Read through our students' experiences on the mobility!

Teachers' experience of Cartagena mobility

A new approach to learning: using debate-based techniques to formulate questions, provide answers, argue and refute statements within a set time

Students' experience of Cartagena mobility

Unforgettable debate experience in Cartagena to improve our Public Speaking, adaptation to a new environment, critical thinking and English speaking skills.

Students' opinions on the first mobility

Read through some inspiring feedback from our students on their first mobility experience!

Teachers' opinions on the first mobility

We organised Learning, Teaching & Training activities and International teachers' meeting at Colegio Miralmonte in Cartagena, Spain. Here are some of our teachers’ opinions!

Teaching and Learning through Debate

Debate is a teaching and learning tool that allows teachers to work with their students’ social and curricular issues in an engaging and rigorous way. The practice of debate requires teachers to focus their attention on helping their students to gradually build up their skills.

Interview with Rok and Nuša, debate teachers

Rok and Nuša, debate teachers from Slovenia, sharing their thoughts on the first mobility training: what activities they did with the students, what challenges they stumbled upon, did students gain any new knowledge and much more.

Joaquin Ruiz, Miralmonte School’s Headmaster and his view of the project

Interview with Joaquin Ruiz, Miralmonte School’s Headmaster

The First Issue of the DNLA Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of “Debating as a New Approach to Learning” Newsletter. We are pleased to share the first issue of our new biannual newsletter, keeping our partners and stakeholders up to date and involved. 

The last few months have not been easy as we’ve strived to continue delivering our work through a pandemic.
We have been forced to live in a socially distanced world, and this has meant huge shifts in the way we work together. Despite this, we’ve all worked tirelessly to continue to keep the school alive and to promote debate.

Relationships with our partners and stakeholders have never been more important. Why listening is vital to reflect on the challenges and pressures we face and the opportunities they present. We are "all in this together".