Moletai Gymnasium students’ interviews

What was the most challenging task that you had to do and how did you overcome it? What were your feelings after that?


Roberta: Firstly, the most stressful task was standing in front of the audience and proving my argument since I do not have much experience talking in front of the class, only in group work presentations. I believe that it was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, it helped me understand the significance of my words. Since I was responsible not only for myself but for the whole team, I got focused and did it successfully. After that, I was very proud of myself because and didn’t let my team down. That was the most joyful moment for me!

Do you believe that debate activities helped you to improve selecting important information and use it in school to your advantage? If yes, in what ways?


Austeja: Yes, I believe they did. My teachers and I myself admit that I have improved in selecting more important information. For instance, in history lessons, I got better at doing abstracts which helped me learn information faster.

Did debate activities help you gain more courage and self-esteem?


Skaiste: Certainly, I have gained a lot of practical experience during the debate activities in Cartagena as well as I have strengthened my psychological well-being like problem solving, coping with stress, managing my emotions. Now I can speak with more confidence and courage in front of the audience. I reckon that this experience will help me be more self-conscious not only at school, but also in my future life.

What debating experience which you have gained or developed during the project activities will you use during your lessons?


Gabija: Firstly, I think I have gained the practical knowledge of debating. Not only did I improve the knowledge of the English language, but I also gained the courage that is so necessary for pursuing my dreams in our modern society. I reckon that I will also use the acquired knowledge about the historical cities of Cartagena and Murcia in Spain during our history lesson when I will be giving an individual presentation about my experience for the whole class.

If you had a possibility to repeat the debating experience in Cartagena again? Would you do that and if “yes”, what would you do differently?


Aistis: I would repeat that experience one hundred per cent. Debate is one of the most memorable activities that I’ve ever participated in, and which helped me to develop my oral presentation skills, interpersonal collaboration, teambuilding and problem solving skills. If I could do that again, I would be more self-confident, courageous and try to interact with more people.

What was the most important skill(s) that you have gained or developed during debate activities?


Emilis: In my belief, the most essential skills that I have improved were socialising and interacting with other team members and all the project participants. But the most important one that I have learned was debating practice. It was very interesting and something that is and will be useful in my life.