Spain: Students' view on the last mobility

Aitana Sánchez

I was in the last Erasmus mobility in Italy. I really enjoyed the experience, I met a lot of people and I had a great time. In the mornings we did debate activities, we had a 10 minutes break and then we continued with the activities; after that, we had lunch. In the afternoon on the first day we visited Busto, on the second day we visited Milano, on the third day we were at the institute and we had the international dinner and party. The last day we visited Varese. What I liked the most was when we visited Milano, it was very beautiful.

Sofía Hernández

I believe that participating in an Erasmus exchange program for debate in Italy was an incredibly enriching experience, offering students the chance to fully immerse ourselves in a vibrant culture while enhancing our debating skills and broadening our academic horizons.

I had previously engaged in English debate in Slovenia, which was enjoyable, but this time, I found it even more gratifying. I believe that this time, I've gained more confidence and practice, and I take great pride in my progress. I enjoyed the debate activities we participated in during the exchange, particularly the new debate website that offers a variety of exercises to improve debating skills. I also relished the use of the portable microphone, as it added an exciting dimension to our interactions.

Overall, I had an excellent time.

The school we visited in Italy was impressive, it was quite large and offered unique features that we don't typically see. I must admit, I did get lost in it several times. Exploring Busto Arsizio and Milan was incredible, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to visit these beautiful cities. Personally, I found the Duomo to be the most inspiring experience. Its interior, with its stunning stained glass windows, left a lasting impression on me. In general, the Duomo is a breathtaking place, although the other places don’t stay behind either.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food I had the chance to try while in Milan, but I must admit that I left with a lingering desire to explore more of the city's restaurants. One standout culinary experience for me was trying risotto for the very first time, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Additionally, I tried ice cream from various places, and I have to say, it was delicious. The gelato in Milan is simply delicious, and I couldn't resist in it whenever I had the chance.

In my opinion, the most significant aspect of this type of experience is the opportunity to connect with people from other countries who share the same passion for debate. I am immensely grateful for this project, which has allowed me to engage with people from around the world that were in this project, while improving our mutual interest for debate.

Sofía Atienzar

I was looking forward to coming to Italy since I knew I was participating in the Erasmus+ project. I had been to Slovenia as well and I had such an amazing experience that I wanted to repeat.

This project has surprised me as much as the previous one. Enrico Tosi was the most incredible high school I’ve ever seen, and the biggest one too. I was astonished by the amount of facilities, classrooms and stairs that it had. We got lost more than once looking for our classroom.

In this project I have been able to test and improve my debate skills. During the debate lessons I felt more confident about my arguments and my public speaking. Working in English, and with the motions proposed made it even more difficult. But this is another thing I like from this program: it challenges us.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people, and see some of my partners in Slovenia again. It is amazing how you can create ties with other students in just a few days, and I hope we can keep these ties for a long time… That was my favorite part of this project: making new friends. Not only new, but also international friends.

Food was incredible. I tried ice cream for the first time and now I do believe Italian ice cream is the best in the world. Well, anything Italian people cook is better than anywhere else. And when I discovered that the school canteen offers pasta daily, I got impressed. I wish I could eat pasta everyday.

There are lots of things to say about Busto, Milano, and Varesse. All of them were charming and beautiful. I most enjoyed our visit to Milan, I have been there once but I did not remember it as beautiful as it was. Wherever you looked, there was an architectural work of art, or a famous brand shop, or both of them together as in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

I am so grateful to be a part of this project that has taught me a lot, and has enabled me to discover new places, meet new people and appreciate European cultures so much.

Miren Andollo

The experience in Milan has been an experience that will not be forgotten because I met a lot of people and improved my English and debate skills. Is has been a good opportunity to learn some words in Slovene. Previously we have already been to Slovenia, so we knew several people from the other mobility. The city we have been to, I really liked it a lot, and the things they taught us were very beautiful. But without any kind of doubt getting to know Milan was the best part, until now it is the city I like the most of all the ones I've been to. The cathedral, the gallery, the theater... Impressive. And on the other hand, the food wasn't bad at all, we tasted several kind of pasta. Of course the best, the ice creams, they are the best I have ever tasted. In general, I loved this mobility and I would love to do more.

The debate activities were quite good, even better than those of the other Erasmus. Apart from the fact that thanks to these activities I have improved my debate in English and to let go more by speaking in front of many people.

Mario Caro

I was representing Spain and it was an amazing experience because y never visited Italy. The first day I made a lot of friends of other countries, Slovenia, Finland, Italy… During the first day we visited the school. It was incredible, then we did some debate activities in which we put into practice the activities developed in the tool kit and in the afternoon we visited the city centre.

The second day we continued doing debate activities and learned how to use the tool kit published on the website of the project. It was a busy day since we visited Milan, a gorgeous city. Everything was beautiful and incredible.

The third day we did more debate activities and in the afternoon we had the multiplier event where a lot of schools met at school to learn about the project. At night we went to a farewell party to say goodbye to our international colleages.

It has been an incredible experience full of learning and a great opportunity to meet European friends.