Spain: Teachers' experience

The last mobility of the Erasmus project "Debate as a New Approach to Learning"has been a transformative journey. The project's final mobility, which took place in Milan, marked the successful conclusion of its overarching goal. After five enriching visits to partner countries, we witnessed the fruition of our collective efforts in the form of a guide for teachers and a toolkit for students. This guide empowers students from any nation to independently develop their debate and critical thinking skills.

The five days spent in Milan will forever hold a special place in the hearts of both teachers and students. During this time, our students actively engaged in debate activities and had the privilege of firsthand experience with the meticulously crafted toolkit.

The mobility also provided a platform for a multiplier event, where audiences across Europe, both in person and through streaming, were able to witness the presentation of the project's outcomes. This event served as a testament to the collaborative efforts that spanned borders and cultures.

The memories of our students working alongside their European mates, forging lasting bonds, and the enriching interactions with fellow educators will forever be etched in our minds. The touristic visits to the city added a layer of depth to our collective sense of European identity. We want to express our thanks to each of the teachers who made this mobility a complete success. Your dedication and hard work made this experience unforgettable. It's been an incredible journey together!

Spanish delegation

We wholeheartedly anticipate the continuation of this collaborative journey with each and every partner. May this not be a farewell, but rather a "see you soon".

The Erasmus project has not only imparted invaluable skills to our students but also broadened our perspectives as educators. The experience in Milan stands as a testament to the potential of international collaboration in education. As we bid adieu to this project, we do so with a profound