Finnish students

Our group agrees that this Erasmus debate program taking place in Italy was overall useful and fun. We learned new skills and got new points of view on debate topics, motions and arguments. The trip was diverse and interactive. Our experience was very delightful. We loved seeing Italy and especially Milan, as well as getting to meet new people from around Europe, and learning new things from them. 

The classes were useful and we believe that we learned something new everyday, that we can now use in our debating in the future. All the activities were well planned and it wasn't hard to understand the instructions. We enjoyed trying new things with new people and seeing how the activities have developed during this Erasmus Debate exchange. Some of the students went to Cartagena and Maribor earlier in autumn 2022 and spring 2023. We loved seeing how our ideas had become exercises that can now be used in classrooms to learn about debating.

Although the trip and program has been amazing, we would like to give feedback on some of the classroom placements. Having classes in the auditorium wasn’t the best option, due to the loud noises the other students created during periods. Other than that the program has been extremely clear and we have stayed on time with our schedule, which has made it a lot nicer.

We really appreciate the opportunity we have had to come here to Italy to work on this program. We have worked with some amazing teachers and students to not only learn ourselves but also teach others. Sharing all of our knowledge with others has been great, and we would love to have more opportunities like this in the future.