The why and rebuttal chain


To understand how to build a strong and logical argument.


This exercise involves an interactive activity where students engage in a question-and-answer session, followed by a phase of rebuttal and response.

By using a ball, a playful approach is created to encourage active participation and effective communication.

The exercise begins when one student throws the ball to another student and asks a question, such as "What is your favorite animal and why?" The receiving student answers the question by sharing their favorite animal and providing a justification or explanation for their choice.

Once the answer has been given, another student with a different ball has the opportunity to present a rebuttal or counter-argument against the initial statement. For example, they could say, "I disagree with you; I believe that dogs are the best animals because of their loyalty and companionship." The student who made the initial statement can respond to this rebuttal, defending their position and offering counter-arguments if necessary.

Watch the video “The why and rebuttal chain” to better understand the game.

Train with your teammates by choosing different themes from time to time