Points of clash

Points of clash are:

  • The presented arguments
  • Core problems of the debate

(See Answer 1)



Watch the Reply Speeches from this tournament and then answer the questions.


Italian National Championship Final (The Debate begins at 03:01 minutes)

What are the main points of clash?

(See Answer 2)


Italian Debate Olympics Final (The Debate begins at 13:01 minutes)

What are the main points of clash?

Compare your answers with the group and discuss. Some people might have different opinions on the clashes of the debate.

(See Answer 3)

Answer 1
  • Core problems of the debate

Points of clash are the main topics the teams have debated on and identify the core principles of the problem.

They are foreseeable during preparation but more often than not they will come up during the debate.

These points are the core of final reply speeches.

Answer 2
  • Impact of carbon tax on consumers
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Impact on global economy
Answer 3
  • Impact on workers conditions
  • Impact on climate change
  • Competition on the market