Add POIs to an existing debate


Watch this debate, pretend you're the opposition, and try coming up with as many questions, clarifications and disagreements you can come up with! Justify why you think your POIs would work, or why your negation should be raised in the POI not in the speech.

  1. POI - Do you genuinely believe that a struggling artist can follow their passion and still provide for a family?

    Justification - I ask this because proposition values passion over income. In a non-western society, the majority of people actually do have children at the ages 20-30. Therefore, does proposition’s model apply to situations all around the globe or just the USA or Canada.
  2. POI - Proposition directly says if you get robbed while working a job you don’t like you still lost a lot of money. However, if you are working a job that doesn’t pay more but you are passionate, wouldn’t the money you end up losing be worth much more since you don’t have a stable income to your name.

    Justification - I would say this because it’s a simple analysis flaw in their argument. If someone has a smaller amount of money than that income would automatically be worth more. Therefore, in this situation that they are proposing, opposition would be most beneficial.
  3. POI - Having a job you’re not passionate about doesn’t necessarily lead to working long hours and not having time for your children. In most situations having a job you’re passionate about leads to long work hours and strained relationships.

    Justification - I would say this because I believe that when someone has a passion for something, they devote all their time and energy to it. However, people with less passion for their occupation will often try to finish work as soon as they can.
  4. POI - Another reach was “you won’t be able to make connections in high stakes jobs due to not having similar interests.” In most situations coworkers make connections with interests outside of work. So on our side of the motion we actually promote more connection building.

    Justification: I would say this because their statement was simply incorrect.
  5. POI: What are your opinions on sending stay at home parents stimulus checks on a monthly basis?

    Justification - I would ask this because there are parents with a passion to be stay at home parents/housewives etc. I ask this because If side proposition is supporting a world where everyone has the right to their passion then they should also be prepared to financially support passions that provide zero income.