Group survey (for bigger groups)


Research and quote evidence to back up assertion.


For this activity you will have to interview all of your classmates and use the results of the survey as evidence for your speech.


  • Work on the difference between evidence based on the general knowledge of voters compared to experts in the field.
  • For each topic you have to prepare a survey. You can include multiple choice questions or open ended questions.
  • After collecting all the information, make an easy statistic based on the categories that can help you: age, gender, experience…
  • Give propositions and opposition speeches on the topic.


For some topics you could choose to make a “panel of specialists”, students that know more about the topic, their answer of the survey could be worth more compared to others who aren’t “specialists”.

Possible funny topics

  • Cats are better pets than dogs
  • You should never put pineapple on a pizza
  • Iced coffee is better than hot coffee
  • Fruit counts as dessert
  • Tik Tok is better than Instagram
  • Monday is the worst day of the week