Create your own motion


This activity is aimed at understanding the complexity of motions and challenges creativity and active citizenship.


Flexible, could be adjusted to every situation. This activity perfectly suits the needs of both groups and solo learners.


Imagine you are in charge of a Motion Committee and are asked to develop a motion for a new debating tournament that is going to start in your city. On your own or in groups try to brainstorm as much news as possible that recently hit the headlines of your local community for being controversial and try to draft a motion starting from a topic in your community. You need to come out with one or more short sentences that guarantee clarity, equity, ethics and appropriateness. Create your motion….

Use the following checklist to make sure the motion is well structured:

  • Verify vocabulary references and context meanings
  • Make sure the grammar is correct; don’t use dialect; stick to the common language instead
  • Analyze the motion to assess the case’s equity from both perspectives by conducting research to confirm the existence of arguments and evidence in favor and against the motion.
  • Make sure to use inclusive language and culturally sensitive issues.