Boolean terms


Choose a topic

Select a topic or question for the exercise. For example: "Benefits of exercise for mental health."

Identify boolean terms

Familiarize yourself with the basic boolean operators: "AND," "OR," and "NOT." Understand their functions in refining search queries.

Craft a search query

Begin by formulating a simple search query using a boolean operator. For example: "exercise AND mental health benefits."

Evaluate search results

Look at the search results generated by the query. Assess whether the results align with your intention and desired information. Note any irrelevant or off-topic results.

Refine the search

Modify the search query by adjusting the boolean terms to refine the results further. For example: "exercise AND mental health benefits" can be refined to "exercise AND mental health AND scientific studies". "Exercise OR physical activity" can be refined to "exercise OR physical activity AND mental health benefits". "Exercise NOT weight loss" can be refined to "exercise AND mental health benefits NOT weight loss."

Evaluate refined results

Examine the refined search results. Assess whether they align more closely with your intended information. Take note of any new relevant sources or key insights obtained.