Motion standing


Select a debate motion or topic. Choose a debate motion or topic for the exercise. It can be a current or hypothetical issue. For example: "Should the minimum legal drinking age be lowered”.

Identify reputable sources

Identify reputable online encyclopedias or sources like Wikipedia that provide information on the chosen motion or topic. While these sources can provide a good starting point, it is important to supplement the information obtained with additional sources for a well-rounded understanding.

Access the sources

Go to the selected online encyclopedias or websites and search for the chosen motion or topic. Read the introductory section or summary provided to get a general understanding of the context and key aspects related to the debate.

Scan the contents

Look for headings, subheadings, and sections within the source that are specifically related to the debate motion or topic. Scan these sections to identify important concepts, key arguments, historical context, relevant stakeholders, and any controversies or counter arguments mentioned.

Take concise notes

As you read through the selected sections, take concise notes on the main points, key arguments, and any supporting evidence or examples provided. Focus on capturing the essential information that will help you grasp the context of the debate motion or topic.