Nuanced Definitions


This exercise aims to enhance students' analytical skills by examining a debate motion and focusing on the identification of keywords within it. Furthermore, it encourages students to explore the definitions of these keywords, both from a neutral standpoint and as representatives of either the supporting or opposing side.

Students will learn how to strengthen their definitions and deepen their understanding of the topic.


Suitable both for solo learners and groups


Choose a random motion from the motion database, read it carefully and identify the keywords. Research the definitions of each keyword in the dictionary; make sure you find the most appropriate yet neutral definition and discuss the keywords' definitions from a neutral perspective, avoiding any biases or personal opinions.

If necessary adjust the definitions provided from the dictionary to make them more realistic and easy to understand, you could summarize the dictionary definition or you could even mix it together with a more general and common-sense-based definition.

Now try to delve deeper into the definitions and nuance the neutral definitions to create two distinct definitions of the same word, one that better aligns with the proposition stance and one that fits better in the opposition case.

Remember to maintain a certain degree of objectivity and logical reasoning.