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Teachers’ Guides to Introducing Debate in the Curriculum

Two separate guides will be created: one for primary school teachers and one for secondary school teachers to meet the different levels of academic, social and personal development of students in primary and secondary education as well as for the other different context, debate club, youth associations. They are aimed at supporting the development of competences along different levels (primary/middle and secondary school) and regarding different educational contexts (debating in the classroom, debating as extra-curricular activity, public debate).

The Guides will equip teachers with an understanding of debate methodology and with concrete lesson plans that teachers can directly implement in their teaching process.

The two guides will be available on line on the project website in PDF, HTML formats supplemented with additional digital materials for teachers.

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Students' Toolkit for Civic Learning through Debate

The students' Toolkit is aimed at:

- encouraging independent learning activities by students

- contributing to the organization of self-learning environments

- promoting peer-to-peer teaching and learning

- equipping the students with basic knowledge on debate formats, argumentation, debate strategies…to be able to engage in the debate activities which will address most pressing issues of contemporary European society such as migration, European Identity and ideals, environmental issues and problems connected with political participation and changes in political sphere.

A structured database of main civic motions for students will be part of the toolkit.